Turkey Day Turkey

Turkey Day Turkey

This year we hosted our first Thanksgiving together. It was my first time hosting a full Thanksgiving feast and it’s been almost 11 years since my boyfriend had so we had our hands full. Luckily we had a house full of family to help and I couldn’t have been more thankful! I learned some great new recipes and created some new ones of my own!!

Having never cooked a Turkey before, the task set upon me seemed daunting. I did some research on pinterest and google, consulted a few friends and the outcome was better than I could have dreamed of!!

If you bought a frozen turkey like I did, make sure you defrost the bird in the fridge for at least 24 hours. Also, I waited till the last minute for turkey shopping so the only option was a butterball. Butterballs are fine turkeys but they are injected with salts and juices so there is no need to take the extra step of brining. I found a great blog that explains how to best brine a turkey, Design Mom really knows her stuff!

Unfortunately, I didn’t think ahead and unwrapped the turkey on a flat cutting board. Make sure you do this step in a sink or over a large pan or bowl to catch all the juices. TRUST ME….you don’t want to be reacting to dripping bird juices when holding a slippery turkey.

finished product. unfortunately, I was so caught up in the moments that I neglected to take pictures of my prep and even how gorgeous the turkey looked before it was flipped. Stay tuned till the next time!

Turkey Day Turkey

Stuff the turkey full of the following:

Celery Sticks (cut small to med)

Carrot Sticks (cut small to med)

1/2 Onion (cut in half)

2 Apples (pared and halved)

1 Pear (halved)

Fresh Herbs – Rosemary, Thyme, Sage

I rubbed some butter all over the top, sides and bottom of the turkey. Don’t forget under the wings and then put stuck some butter inside as well. After everything was stuffed, I put the Turkey in a roasting pan, breast down, and stuck it in a pre-heated oven at 425 degrees. I let that cook uncovered for 20 minutes then turned the temperature down 325 degrees, dropped in a few cloves of Garlic and smeared on some coconut oil. Since the turkey was already started to brown from the butter I covered the pan loosely with tin foil and let it cook for another 3 hours; every hour basting the juices over/inside the whole thing. When there were only 30 minutes remaining, we carefully flipped the turkey over so that the breast was facing up and re-covered. When the timer went off, we took the turkey out of the over and let it sit on top of the stove while the yams and stuffing cooked for 30 minutes.

By the time we went to carve the turkey, it was so moist and juicy the meat was so easy to cut! Everyone was amazed at the juiciness and commented on the fabulous flavor the fresh herbs and fruit provided!


For all you sailers out there, YES our Turkey branded itself with flying Hobie H!

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